The first stop on the Kreuzberg leg of the smart ebike tour of Berlin’s design hotspots was a particularly appropriate selection. After all, what’s the first thing you need when you’re seeking to convert a design idea from an abstract blueprint in your brain into a tangible product? Materials is what. Modulor Haus is a multi-floored monolith of a shop that’s chock-full of them.

The shelves that line this 1500m2 space are kitted out with bits and bobs of all shapes and sizes. There are mini-trees that architects can harvest for sustainable city models, fabrics and fittings for fashion designers, and precision acrylic for home-brew furniture fetishists. No wonder this place is worshipped by design freaks city-wide…

The creative potential of Modulor’s vast stock was showcased during DMY in the form of special mechanical machines and appliances, constructed entirely from in-store materials by a troop of whizz kids from the Institute for Product and Process Design at UdK Berlin.

Modulor Haus Berlin

One of the stand-out pieces pitted plastic against plywood to create an ingenious interpretation of the mechanics of a wind-up clock. With a couple of cranks of a tangerine colored key, the machine set itself in motion, an engaging twist to stereotypically static approaches to sculptural forms.

UdK Modulor Berlin DMY