The MS DOCKVILLE Art Camp describes this platform in its essentials. It gives a very unique example of establishing a public space through art and communication. As part of the MS DOCKVILLE Summer, it includes a children’s holiday camp LUETTVILLE as well as a bigger inner city music festival with more than 20.000 visitors.

Natalie Herzhoff – Vogelball

Located at the heart of the industrial harbour zone in Hamburg – Wilhelmsburg on the biggest island of the river Elbe, this urban space has it’s very special history regarding the conflict between its industrial function and amusement. Known for gastronomic business and dance halls in the 19th century, this place was characterized by its industrial and urban use. Over time it underwent many different stages, was reused by different companies, amongst them a laboratory for scientific research, and at the end abandoned again. Nature had reincorporated the area and for many years it wasn’t used by any company or any other consortium.

Krautzungen – Krieg & Freiden

With the MS DOCKVILLE Art Camp this old fallow land full of green groves becomes a place where social, creative and artistic interaction takes place now. The industrial area as well as the abandoned laboratory are turned into a communal space for living for more than 50 artists, craftsman, curators and helpers from all over the world. While walking around, you’ll pass artistic installations and find yourself being a part of a performance. That to say The MS DOCKVILLE Art Camp is a platform where the boundaries between the everyday and the world of art is broken down, a place where the artists becomes the spectator and where the visitor becomes the creator.