Rubbing shoulders with a hotch-potch of bars, cafés and falafel vendors on Oranienstraße, the Museum der Dinge harbours 100 years’ worth of design culture behind its dark-green bank-vault door. Part exposed storage and part continually evolving exhibit, the Museum is a cabinet-lined time-capsule which charts the history of consumer product design from the early 1900s to the present day. An homage to the everyday products in life, if you will.

Museum der Dinge Berlin

One of the most original archives you’re likely to stumble across in Berlin, the museum takes in everything from shimmering ceramics and worn-out wirelesses to Mickey Mouse dolls and mini motorbikes. It’s the perfect pit-stop to brush up on your design history whilst hitting yourself with a lightning bolt or two of inspiration for the road ahead.

Collection Museum der Dinge

For DMY, they put together a special exhibition of trends in the modern home to explore domestic life in today’s society. Miniature household models encased in shoebox-sized display cases could be viewed through solitary peepholes in order to display a gravity-defying range of interior design pieces — satirising the state of our current Ikea-dependent culture.

DMY Berlin 2013 Museum der Dinge