If you happen to be in Philadelphia, Denver, Washington, D.C., Boston, or Asheville, North Carolina, you’re one of the lucky few with access to My MilkCrate – a new app designed to make sustainability fun and easy!

So, you’ve been meaning to compost for years, but you’re still not entirely sure about the whole worms-in-the-kitchen thing. Composting means buying worms right?

And you want to go to that fair-trade, zero-waste coffee shop every morning before work, but the other one is that little bit closer and easier – and you keep forgetting to bring your own mug anyway.

It’s okay. We get it. And so did Morgan Berman, founder of My MilkCrate. That’s why she’s devised a genius solution that immediately incentivizes sustainable practices and also bundles your spending power to support the sustainable economy: It’s an app that helps you access countless of local sustainable options for dining, shopping, transit, and many other lifestyle categories.

This, she believes, will foster an overall culture of purpose that encourages enterprises to create positive environmental impacts.

My MilkCrate app
All sustainable ways of living in one app: My MilkCrate.

Big changes start small

Morgan Berman has thought about what might get consumers to actually start changing their buying patterns. Her conclusion was a breakthrough combination of incentivizing measures and a strengthening of community bonds.

Now, her app combines the best of both worlds: “My MilkCrate is for those already dedicated to a similar conscious mission and for everyone struggling to connect internal values. All of our individual choices, whether they be about our food, energy, or transit, can add up to momentous collective change, creating more sustainable communities everywhere.”

And that’s not all: A premium version of the app is already in the works – MilkCrate for Communities. With it, users can award a varying number of points to their own company or school for taking sustainable action.

Berman believes that “eventually, employers will have the option to offer incentives like paid time off or gift certificates to a local, sustainable business.”

Shifting the flow of commerce is certainly an ambitious goal, yet the founders behind the app are taking things a whole step further by imagining what the world might look like once sustainable shopping becomes commonplace.

“It’s a world where supporting local businesses is second nature and as a result, everyone who needs a job has one,” Berman elaborates. “We’ll see people eating lower on the food chain and closer to home. We will all be healthier and certainly share the planet with happier farm animals. We will eliminate fossil fuels by using local and renewable energy. By relying on sustainable transportation methods, our air will become cleaner and our cities ultimately easier to explore.”

Utopia has never been more practical.

My MilkCrate user
Happy faces and a clear conscience with My MilkCrate.

For now, people can find out more about My MilkCrate at mymilkcrate.co. If you’re visiting Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, or Asheville, download their app for free for iOS or Android.