What a successful trip and scheme! Over the past few months, My Urban Living Room has taken us to four thrilling and edgy European cities: Munich, Copenhagen, Paris, and Barcelona. First of all, we would like to thank our fabulous artists and contributors, Benjamin & Steffen, Helle, Jeremy & David, and Eduardo & Josué for their challenging interpretations. While their works and approaches could not have been any more diverse, the results surprised us with four fantastic, and fantastically different, installations. The sheer variety of their works was a true testament to their collective ingenuity, considering that all of them worked with and around the same materials – the BoConcept smartville collection and the smart fortwo edition BoConcept. At the same time, we want to thank the many fans on location, which also helped to make this project a resounding success. Inundated with applications, we picked 35 to join the professional photo shoot. These lucky few were among the first to spy the new edition, have their picture taken inside the installation and, last but not least, to meet the artists behind it all. Like seasoned pros, they all did an amazing job – even if it was their first ever photo shoot. While the installations were ephemeral by nature, their memory lives on – and might soon grace your very own living room! True to the project’s motto, “Taking customization to the next level,” the BoConcept chairs were not only personalized to the max, but transformed into veritable pieces of art by the assembled artists.