Pig (People in Groove) is a lifestyle magazine with a specfic reader base. The magazine was originaly published in 2002 as a pocket magazine. Pig has editorial sections featuring, merging bands, young fashion and emerging stylists and photographers, books, automobiles and motorbikes, video games and technology.

PIG Magazine asks: How is it possible to produce electricity from wind when there is no natural wind?
Arianna Callegari answers: A series of small and ecological wind turbines on the walls and ceilings of the tunnels that generate electricity activated by the rush of wind from the passing of cars, trucks and trains in the galleries.

An ecological tunnel with a series of multiple turbines in particular panels made of very light and recycled materials that produce energy from the rush of wind generated by traffic in certain streets-avenues with high traffic flow (Buenos Aires for example), covered with green bushes, trees and external solar panels to collect energy and to give an added supply in the case of reduced traffic.

The energy produced generates electricity that can be utilized immediately to illuminate the urban lighting system and to charge electric cars at the charging stations. What is more, the excess energy produced can be further stored or used to enhance the electrical distribution network. (the city electrical grid).

This energy is continually regenerated both by the passing of traffic and by the solar panels. The turbines can also be applied to existing tunnels or galleries together with solar panels and green bushes and trees to eliminate environmental eye sores. In addition to this, these Eolic panels within the turbines in train galleries can be used to take advantage of the air flow produced by the passing of the trains giving an extra power supply.