Unfortunately sometimes the next park is quite a while away. Isn’t there a way to create new green spaces within our crowded cities? Where can we create new room for people to take their bike out for a spin?

Lane Change asks: Where can we create new spaces to take our bikes?

James Ramsey answers: Nearly every inch of space on Manhattan Island is built on – there is literally almost no unused space. And although there are some green areas like Central Park, some neighborhoods have almost none.

But the city we see on the surface is only a part of the whole of New York. There is an entire undercity beneath our busy streets. „Lowline“ is a project from New York that wants to begin to reclaim some of these spaces and create the green spaces our neighborhoods need so desperately.

Through the help of technology „Lowline“ is looking to transform the former Williamsburgh Trolley Terminal into an underground park. Sunlight will be collected above ground, channeled to suberranean subway stations and then reflected and distributed to in order to grow grass, trees and plants and create a green space below the surface. This way forgotten underground tunnels can be turned into beautifully constructed green spaces for us to take our bikes all year round.

But we envision it to be much more than simply a park, but also a space for art exhibitions, farmers’ markets, educational series, special events and promotions. It will generate community, and it will inspire in the way beautiful environments can inspire.
For those cities that just run out of space above the ground, „Lowline“ could serve as a model for creating spaces that serve the public good!