Being a fashion designer is all about understanding the past, living in the present and carving the future. No “now” without referencing what is and has been, and no future without understanding what this “now” is all about. Jeremy Scott seems to be a master of all three–past, present and future. Though the American designer might seem too young to compete with the history of other fashion icons, the consistent use of his very own strong symbolism quickly made him an icon himself.

Fittingly, Jeremy Scott calls Los Angeles–the city where his design for smart celebrated its gigantic premiere last week–his home. An iconic city that does not possess thousands of years of history but is filled with hopes and dreams of the future: the anticipation of the big movie career so many come here to chase. This “new age” idea of a changed and improved way to live. The quickly growing creative and artistic scene in what’s always portrayed as the most superficial city of all. Altogether Los Angeles is a place where contradiction blooms in the most beautiful colors.

I had the pleasure of spending a few days in this extraordinary city, chasing Los Angeles’ ideas of past, present and future, understanding what makes it the perfect home for visionary artists such as Jeremy Scott. Come along:

Food for your eyes – LACMA
While the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is surely a must-see all year long, their current exhibition on Stanley Kubrick held me hostage for some extra hours. With original props from all of his masterpieces, such as The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange, original copies of the screen plays with Kubrick’s personal notes and tons of additional information on Kubrick’s working process, this temporary section easily makes an inspiring day-trip of it’s own.

Food for your tummy – NORM’S & CAFE GRATITUDE
Now here we have two complete opposites when it comes to happily filling your hungry stomachs–the past and future of American cuisine, so to speak. I had the best traditional American breakfast (Eggs! Sausage! Bacon! Pancakes!) at Norm’s Diner, located in one of the famous “Googie” buildings. Googie was a popular style of futuristic architecture from the 1940s, influenced by car culture (yes, cars!) and the Space Age.
On the other hand, I was-well-grateful for the wonderful choices of healthy vegan food the city offers. Being used to a lighter choice of meals, it was perfect to balance out some of Los Angeles’ edible sins. When you enter Cafe Gratitude, a big sign asks: “What are you grateful for?” My answer is what later turned out to be Jeremy Scott’s favorite dish there too, the “I Am Humble: Indian curried lentils over brown rice or quinoa, with sautéed seasonal vegetable, sweet potatoes and spinach, drizzled with a spicy mint chutney and sweet tamarind sauce.” Wow.

Food for your soul – RUBIFOX
I had the great pleasure of being invited to one of the exclusive “Rubifox gatherings”. Lovely hosts Simone Rubi and Janella Fox throw these amazing dinner parties, inviting creative people from all fields to their (or friends’) homes to dine, listen to live bands and party together. Even Feist, close friend of the hosts, stopped by this time, and they had The Range Of Light Wilderness from Big Sur playing their summery songs in an intimate living room atmosphere. A perfect California evening.