Lisbon, the eternal city of colors, draws street artists from around the world. We decided to check out its vibrant sights and take the new smart forfour for a spin to meet four urban activists. Well, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that they turned our car into a mobile canvas …

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Lisbon is a city of colors. Of intense swathes of lilacs dotting the parks, of ornamental tiled facades, and – naturally – of golden sunny rays that immerse everything in a constant glow, reflected by the white cobble stones.

Visitors invariably follow imposing avenidas to the old harbor, to the Torre Belem and its stunning panoramic view of the giant statue of Christ and two equally huge Tejo bridges. At the same time, their final destination awaits further down, in the bowels of the city: Here, they enter the incomparable Bairro Alto, the city’s old town with its steep, winding alleyways.

Perfect for the Bairro Alto: the smart forfour

For extra comfort and mobility in tight spaces, a small car ticks all the right boxes. The smart forfour (turning circle 8.95 m from kerb to kerb paired with an outstanding body space index of 77 percent) easily slips around the tightest corners and seats up to four people in style.

To move even faster, you seem to need supernatural skills – like pro inline skater Rodrigo Braz Teixeira. The flexible ace is completely at home on cobbled streets, stairs and handrails. And although some of his moves might not be strictly legal, Rodrigo maneuvers the city with more grace and grip than most pedestrians – we traced him all across the old town to make sure we missed none of his spectacular twists and turns.

Four personalities – one city: new Lisbon at a glance

In Lisbon, those who spare a glance or two for what goes on around them soon come across some world-class street art courtesy of talents like AKACORLEONE and Kruella D’Enfer. We wanted to see what the two could do with a moving canvas and asked Kruella, supported by Corleone, to try her hand at the smart forfour. The result bowled us over – but see for yourselves …

At the same time, lively Lisbon is still suffering from the Euro crisis. Many entrepreneurs and creatives have left the country. Yet those that stayed can teach us a lot: Take Mariana Duarte Silva, entrepreneur and co-founder of Village Underground Lisboa. In almost no time at all, her culture and co-working center became one of the city’s most colorful spaces, attracting creatives from all over Europe.

Produced by Jan Wilms & broken bloke Production
Directed, filmed, edited, and photographed by broken bloke Production
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