Design Indaba’s ongoing Your Street Challenge project questions and challenges this top-down premise – and asks you to design your perfect street and take charge of your own immediate environment.

The unique competition, focused on transforming public space one street at a time, invites anyone with a bright idea to pitch it to the Your Street Challenge team. Suggestions that convince the judges are rewarded with a cash prize to realize the proposed idea. So, whether it’s a vertical garden for your community, a kids’ area and playing field, a bench for the elderly, or simply a splash of color to spruce up your gray surroundings – Your Street Challenge might lend a helping hand.
In August 2012 The Your Street Challenge awarded Violet’s Walk R50 000 to implement a clearly marked walking route around Woodstock with resting benches along the way.

The project puts communities first and allows everyone to express the love for their environment by making the best of it. What started in Cape Town in 2011 quickly grew into an international phenomenon with successful competitions now running in Norway and The Netherlands.

With a little inspiration from the great winning projects (already realized or currently in the making), why not brighten up your own street? What would it take to turn it into a truly attractive neighborhood and a fantastic place to live?
Winner The Greenpop Mountain Road Rest Nest and Nursery

Text: Lia Pack
All the images, incl. the header image: Design Indaba