At the International Center of Art and Landscape at Vassivière Island in France, enthusiasts can extend that great feeling until long after dusk, on artist Koo Jeong A’s OTRO, the first glow-in-the-dark skateable sculpture. OTRO is composed of different bowls, a cradle and a tunnel covered with green phosphorescent paint that illuminates at night. Koo Jeong A invites novices and experts to share the physical and sensory experience of her work by “skating the landscape”.

The 212 square-meter, ovoid-shaped structure was realized by Brussels-based L’Escaut Architectures and created with the advice of skateboarding collective Brusk & Barricade. OTRO is an artwork of experimentation, not only from a sporting point of view but also from a sensory and artistic point of view.

OTRO is adding a new layer to the history of skateboarding. Within a few years it developed from being a semi-legal niche to an industrialized leisure sport for the masses. Today, pro skaters are treated like stars and even the smallest towns open skate parks. Koo Jeong A takes a step forward and elevates skateboarding to an art. Those who want to see it in person or skate it should be prepared for a long trip: the Center of Art and Landscape at Vassivière Island is located within the Millevaches en Limousin National Park–the nearest cities, Bordeaux and Lyon, are both more than 4 hours away. But the groundbreaking architecture and striking surrounding landscape are no doubt worth the trip!