You invite friends, neighbours or colleagues to a past-use-by-date meal (this can range from an intimate dinner to a large picnic). The food club’s website provides invitation templates and other materials to help you spread the message.

You raid your fridge for food that’s past its sell-by date, ask your guests to do the same, and request supermarkets and grocery shops to give you food that they, for legal reasons, can’t sell anymore. The fact is that use-by dates are generously calculated to protect producers from lawsuits; most products are perfectly fine for days, weeks or, if unopened, even months after their use-by date, and get thrown out unnecessarily.

You ask your guests to donate a smallamount of money, approximately what they would pay for a dinner at a restaurant, to Giro555, a charity connected to the club that fights hunger in the horn of Africa. You plan your meal, with the help of recipes and other cooking advice provided on the Over Datum Eetclub website. And then? Enjoy a memorable experience in the company of great people, knowing you’ve helped improve our planet.

This and more inspiring projects can be found in the print copy of A smart guide to Utopia or the ebook version.