The Dihzahyners aim to reinvigorate neighborhoods and to shift the way Beirut sees itself by painting it in fresh colors. “Our initiatives come from a true belief that, although color and art may not change the world, they can most certainly change our perspectives, our feelings, our behavior, and in turn our lives”, the team explains.

One of the Dihzahyners’ biggest projects to date is on a 73-step staircase in Beirut’s Mar Mikhael district; it took seven hours to complete. Their current urban intervention, “Paint Up”, is part of White Wall, a street art exhibition organized by the Beirut Art Center. The group will be painting staircases and walls throughout the city until the 3rd of November 2012. As with most of the Dihzahyners’ projects, anyone is invited to grab a paintbrush and join in.