The internet seems infinite – and the number of apps is nearing the three-million mark. So, how to keep track of it all? Leave it to us! Week by week, we present our top pick of the pack. This time around: park2gether.

Park2Gether-App-smart-magazine-IphoneThere is not enough parking in our cities, right? Wrong. At least according to statistics, more than enough spaces are available. Yet rarely where they seem to be needed. Anyone who has never wasted their last drop of gas (or resolve) on circling the same block countless of times, is welcome to stop reading now. Everyone else should check out park2gether. Launched by Daimler offshoot Moovel, the app connects people who seek and offer parking spaces. Whether parking garage or private spot, right now or booked in advance. A clever move if you plan to go easy on your nerves, energy reserves, and possibly your wallet.

Price: free
System: iOS 6.0 or higher
Size: 5.7 MB


Photos: park2gether