PearsonLloyd’s 1:1 exhibition was a perfect case in point. Like a loose-lipped magician, they invited design maestros and muggles alike into their inner circle to reveal the secrets of their craftsmanship.

Founded in 1997, the Hackney-based firm has worked on large-scale public works, such as creating new wayfinding street signs in Bath, as well as projects for high-end clients including Lufthansa who they designed business-class cabins for.

Great Western Studios in London
Great Western Studios in London

In their one-off LDF showcase, a survey of these projects and more were put on display at Great Western Studios’ glass-ceilinged dream factory, lifting the lid on PearsonLloyd’s 16 years of design know-how. Not only could visitors drool over and touch (though ideally not at the same time) the finished furnishings of this award-winning design studio, they were also afforded a unique insight through large-sized wall-mounted storyboards that revealed the processes behind their creation.

To demonstrate one of their core principles — how objects affect both space and people — there was an interactive installation of giant plywood boxes that could be moved and stacked at will. The result was a life-sized 3D jigsaw of morphing spaces and seats in the canteen area — a great spot for participants to recharge before hopping back on their smart ebike to the next tour spot.

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