If you’ve ever racked your brain – and racked some more – to try and find a misplaced item, but with no success, a new app called Pixie can help. By building a digital map of your most important possessions, all it takes is a glance at your phone to find what you’re looking for.

Frantically patting our pockets to find keys, throwing cushions off the sofa in the hope our wallets will miraculously appear, desperately tracing our steps to remember where the passport could be – sometimes, it seems impossible to find an item you’ve misplaced. Enter Tel Aviv-based Pixie: a new app that makes sure you’ll never lose anything ever again, thanks to its Location of Things (LoT) technology.

A cat supplied the idea

The idea for Pixie hit CEO Amir Bassan-Eskenazi out of the blue, on a day when he spent way too much time running after his daughter’s cat and also retrieved data from his previous company. “Then it struck me – you can retrieve a digital data point in a fraction of a second. All it takes is a system to digitize items and capture their exact location.”

Using stickers called Pixie Points, you can tag any object you want. Since these can communicate with each other, the more Pixie Points you use, the greater the range and the more accurate the system’s location awareness. In other words, it’s a self-managing, digital map of all your things. Say, for example, you were late for work or to meet a friend and you left your wallet behind in the rush. Pixie would immediately notify you and then guide you to where it is in the house.

The other thing that makes Pixie stand out is its use of augmented reality (AR) – the application of digital elements to a real-world environment that enhances the ways you can interact with your physical surroundings. With the app’s live view mode, you simply hold your phone up and, like magic, an ‘X’ appears exactly where your missing item is hiding.

While other companies offer similar services, none boast the accuracy – or, let’s face it, flair – of the Israeli start-up. For Bassan-Eskenazi, the possibilities are endless. “Any item you can imagine will have built-in LoT awareness,” he enthuses. “They’ll work together with a smart home control system, becoming part of the way you control your world in augmented or virtual reality.”

Region: Europe, USA
Price: free, Pixie Points costs depend on package-size. The smallest four-pack is available for $69.95
System: iOS 8.0 or higher/ Android still in progress
Size: 38.1 MB

For more information, visit Pixie’s website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.