The internet seems infinite – and the number of apps is nearing the three-million mark. So, how to keep track of it all? Leave it to us! Week by week, we present our top pick of the pack. This time around: PK Spotter.

PK Spotter App smart magazine

Parkour might be the most athletic way to navigate the city – it is certainly the most spectacular one. Discovering routes, tackling challenges, finding and exploring the self on the way. Sounds spiritual?

Well, it is. At least according to those in the know. Back on terra firma, PK Spotter provides pros and beginners alike with suitable routes, locations, and challenges to pick their own path through the city.


Developed by Finnish designers, the app is meant to help you practice parkour by showing suitable spots on a map.

The icing on the cake: It connects the traceur community. You can watch videos from other users, add your favorite spots, or get in touch with fellow parkour enthusiasts through friend requests or arranging meet-ups.

Price: $1.99
System: iOS 3.1 or higher
Size: 14.4 MB

Header image: Anya Chibis