Firewalls are part of New York, like 5th Avenue or Chinatown. No other city has so many empty walls with unused surfaces. And no other city has as many amazing artists and creative minds as New York. We thought about how we could bring these two aspects of one city together. The result was a creative challenge in which several artists and magazines aimed to give New York’s firewalls new surfaces. Six firewalls in SOHO and Brooklyn showed hand-painted designs communicating the topic, “Future of the City”.

The giant murals are now gone. But still we are thinking about the possibilities we have to shape our city with artistic ideas, to make it a better and more beautiful environment for all of us.

Dossier asks: How can we transform a plain wall into an artistic statement for a better city?
Josh Slater answers: My art is about evolution: the evolution and mutation of the physical world around us and how, in turn, we relate to it. I take cues from historic and mythical structures like monoliths, totems and pyramids, use them as starting points and see what they might become and transform into–not in the world of the coming century, but rather in the world a few millennia from now.

In some unknown period of time, my drawing could very well resemble New York City’s future skyline. What vehicle could navigate this new city? The smart car is the only modern car that makes sense in this future metropolis.