Whether you have your own garden allotment or a more modest 2m² balcony, this is the kind of place where you can find the futuristic prototypes and funked-up rocking chairs to reconcile your inner cosmopolitan country bumpkin. With a little green-fingered gumption and a lot of design know-how, their showcase for DMY proved that a little space can go a very long way.

Pool 22 Gartenarbeiten

Founded by the American-born, Bavarian-bred and Berlin-educated Frank Hesselmann, Pool 22 has been providing original solutions to the city’s outdoor needs since 2003. One of their most unusual items to date is the three-man concept hammock — nicknamed the “Cocoon Tree Nest.” Hanging between two chestnut trees, it was the ultimate cushion-lined crash pad at what was one of the farthest stops on the tour.

Pool 22 DMY Berlin

For added flavour: as any honorable German gardener knows, after toiling in the earth all day, one deserves an alcoholic reward (Bier nach Vier, anyone?), which came in the form of Pool 22’s homemade liquor. But road-wise punters should beware in these cases: as some learned after a few shots, that ebike may be smart but it can’t ride itself…