The days of moving about are over, as this new spot on Operngasse 28 in Vienna’s 4th district is expected to be a permanent one. The decision is appropriate, because upon entering the combination coffee-house/bike-shop you immediately want to stay for a while as well. The atmosphere is retro-modern and conveys a rusty workshop atmosphere while still looking like a decent café. The front of the space is outfitted with simple chairs and tables, and a semicircular counter – the café. Through the door at the back is a showroom full of vintage bikes – the bike shop. The entire place is a showroom for the master concept itself, with the bikes, bar, coffee and workshop melding seamlessly together into a cohesive whole.

Radlager by Radlager
Radlager, photo: Radlager
Radlager by Radlager

It’s no accident that the interior of the space looks the way it does. Owner and founder Markus Böhm began selling bikes because he himself has a penchant for vintage bicycles. Although several bike races have already taken place around Radlager, Böhm is interested more in the beauty and design of bicycles than the racing element. The belief that a nice bike is also a form of art is reinforced by photographic prints of bicycles on the wall: a photographer’s calendar project which also happens to be for sale. If you find yourself needing a bike, check out the bikes on offer at the Radlager Website. A variety of models and brands are available in different designs and for all age groups – they can even be purchased online.

Opposite the bike photo prints is the café. High quality Italian coffee roasts are on the menu: Manaresi and Passalacqua, providing a welcome relief to the ubiquitous Illy coffee. On the “coffee wall” the different roasts can be purchased as whole bean or ground. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, samples are provided to help you decide. In addition to coffee, there is a range of cakes and sweets. Early birds are rewarded as well with breakfast available in the mornings.

Whether you’re interested in design, bicycles, or coffee – or better yet, all three – Radlager is a great experience for everyone and is open every day of the week.

Header image: Peter Bender