The internet seems infinite – and the number of apps is nearing the three-million mark. So, how to keep track of it all? Leave it to us! Week by week, we present our top pick of the pack. This time around: PingPongMap.


From Salta Tucuman in Argentina to Koh Rong Sanlem in Cambodia – filled with user-generated content, PingPongMap does just what it says: The app displays nearby ping-pong tables.

What is more: with the help of emoticons, you can get information on cleanliness, condition and ground. Needless to say that it is impossible to play ping-pong by yourself. PingPongMap also helps you with this and offers a nice service – you can send your favourite ping-pong table’s position to your friends.

Instigated by enthusiasts from Berlin, a city blessed with plenty of sites, PingPongMap maps the distribution of this versatile sport, from the German capital’s rich selection of tables to blind spots in the south of Italy and northern Sweden.

Ping Pong Map smart magazine

Yet with a global community of more than 400 million players (according to estimates by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)), these gaps should soon be a thing of the past.

Price: free
System: iOS 5.0 or higher
Size: 1.7 MB


All the pictures, incl. the header image: Torsten Büchner