Debora Biffi and Benjamin Moser believe that society bears responsibility for ensuring that our fellow citizens should live happy and healthy lives into old age. In 2008, putting their money where their mouths are, they created the Senior Design Factory. Here, they bring together old and young people as equal partners, something which actively fosters a cultural exchange between the generations through shared, creative projects.

In the Workshop, young designers work with senior citizens, combining venerable craftsmanship and knowledge with fresh ideas and modern forms of implementation. The products created are sold in the Shop, while in the Kitchen old recipes are reinterpreted and crafted into new classics before being served to customers tired of fast food.

Basically, senior citizens pass on their knowledge and experience to the younger generation, who explain the digital world in return. In all areas design plays a key role, acting as a facilitator while building bridges between the generations on both a social and a creative level.

This and more inspiring projects can be found in the print copy of A smart guide to Utopia or the ebook version.