Assembling the best techniques and insights from architecture, music, stage design, and media art, the eight experts at Urbanscreen make the most of their different disciplines to create large-scale projections on urban surfaces guaranteed to stop passers-by in their tracks.

Starting with the building’s inherent structure, as architecture remains an intrinsic part of their work, the collaborators invariably take the location’s own concept of space, location, and appearance into consideration when creating their site-specific installations.

When asked to describe their process, they reveal that “existing structures and aesthetics supply us with a basic visual and contextual guideline and serve as our main source of inspiration. The final result merges both: a visual interpretation evolving from our initial idea and the characteristics or structure of the façade.“

Using high-powered projectors, Urbanscreen douse the available surfaces in tailored imagery to make the city their personal playground. The finished installations and storylines pick up on the city’s own history, while providing magic moments and a new spotlight on previously overlooked or undervalued urban surfaces.
Facade projection at the Sydney Opera House

Text: Lia Pack
All images, incl. the header image: Urbanscreen