In his book “DIY” Richard Gilligan tries to skirt all the clichés and stereotypes associated with this thriving sub-culture by focusing on guerrilla skate spots. Based on mostly found materials, these unauthorized and often illegal temporary constructions have fascinated the Irish photographer ever since his first encounter. As part of his project, Gilligan spent four years tracking down guerrilla skate parks throughout Europe and the US – from the smallest concrete quarter pipe, found on a wasteland on the edge of Northern Ireland’s Derry, to seriously impressive structures like the one shot in Portland, Oregon.

His pictures reveal how skaters and DIY builders free themselves from the shackles of social rules, creating their own domain in which to practice this peripheral pursuit.

Rich Gilligan’s work has been published and exhibited worldwide, with recent exhibitions gracing Berlin, Malmo, and Los Angeles. Gilligan has worked as a contributing photographer to a wide range of skate magazines including SLAP, Sidewalk, Kingpin, and Transworld Skateboarding. “DIY” now provides fascinating glimpses of his favored sub-culture as well as new approaches to skate photography.

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Text: Romy Uebel
All pictures, incl. the header image: Rich Gilligan