Electric, quiet, nimble, compact: The smart electric drive models invite drivers to experience tomorrow’s urban mobility today. Building on this premise, the matching smart control web app lets users check their car’s charging state or pre-start air condition settings – with just a few clicks and swipes on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

While electricity revolutionized what powers the new smart electric drive models, the digital revolution has introduced brand new options for monitoring and tweaking car-related functions.

a smart electric drive in front of a building in the city
Control your smart via web app – enjoy more time for the good things.

smart electric drive users, for example, can use the smart control web app to connect to their smart anytime, anywhere, making it easy to review the battery’s charging state and the car’s remaining reach – or to remotely control the interior’s A/C.

For energy-efficient air conditioning of their smart electric drive, users simply enter the desired departure time in the web app. The car then awaits them with a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius.

The web app’s latest version also lets drivers enter two fixed departure times, e. g. for the way to work, the return journey, or a regular gym session. The system also detects when the driver arrives at the car early or late, adjusting the pre-air conditioning accordingly.

Whenever the smart electric drive is not connected to a charging station and the charge level exceeds 30 percent, users can even activate the air condition spontaneously: no more sweaty moments or frosty feet after starting a journey – sometimes, it really is the little luxuries in life that count.

a couple checks the status of a smart electric drive while sitting in a café
Comfortably preset your preferences via web app.

Intelligent charging adjusts to departure times

The smart control web app supports the charging process with information on the charging status, remaining charge time, charging capacity, reach and a profile predicting the charging state depending on charging time.

In addition, automatic authentication (with a plug & charge profile defined in accordance with ISO 15118) allows cashless payment at charging spots after registration with a participating energy provider – the web app even helps with the sign-up process.

charging the smart electric drive
smart control assists you with the cash-less payment at the charging station.

A timer function similar to the one used for pre-air conditioning also supports intelligent charging. Based on entered departure times, the web app calculates and initiates the ideal charging process.

At the same time, the web app selects information from the charging infrastructure or a specific price table to facilitate cost-optimized charging. This price table can also be used to give charging preference to solar energy generated by the driver’s own photovoltaic installation.

a woman recharging a smart electric drive
smart control is a perfect addition to the new smart electric drive.

Beyond information on the car’s charging state and reach – information that helps users get the most out of their smart electric drive every day – the smart control web app also displays current figures on average power consumption, mileage, eco score (calculated to reveal driving style economy), up-to-date tire pressure, and even the next smart electric drive maintenance due date.

All this makes smart control a versatile, handy helper that keeps smart electric drivers always up-to-date while making everyday urban driving that decisive bit more convenient. The web app is available for Android and iOS and works on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Click here to take the free web app for a spin.