smart cross connect – a bespoke app for the new smart fortwo and smart forfour – makes parking and driving in the city even more relaxed, easy, and – simply fun.

smart stands for innovation, not only in terms of building cars: In 2010, it was the first automotive brand to publish a tailor-made driving app for the iPhone. Now, smart cross connect marks an update (and upgrade) that is even more capable, user-friendly, and – whisper it – entertaining.

While smart drivers already have an edge when it comes to parking, the app extends their lead even further: By inviting smart drivers to upload and rate snaps of free spaces, smart cross connect harnesses the power of the community, giving users a real-time map of available parking spots. Warning: This may infuriate other drivers even more.

Car Score rates your driving style

Beyond this useful user input, the Bluetooth-connected app gathers an impressive 180 stats on the car’s driving behavior – and awards a so-called Car Score for efficient driving at the end of each trip. Those who cruise like a boss can score up to 100 points and watch a digital tree grow, turning lead-footed motorists into green-thumbed gardeners.

What’s more, the app also keeps tabs on distance traveled, speed, and fuel consumption – and remembers where and when you’ve parked, including a programmable parking-meter countdown.

The smart cross connect app inside the smart
The smart cross connect app will navigate you to your destination quickly and easily.
The smart cross connect parking space finder
smart cross connect app audio streaming of personal music or large selection of international internet radio stations

Better than roaming: downloadable maps

Downloadable maps are another clever feature: They allow you to stay on route even when the GPS cuts out or roaming charges threaten to blow your hotel budget.

Points of interest are easy to find, as are partners of the smart add-on mobility scheme offering discounts on e. g. APCOA parking facilities, JET car-washes, Europcar rentals, or car2go car-sharing services.

Anything missing to turn your commute into a dream drive? Sure, the right soundtrack. For tunes on the go, smart cross connect comes with the AUPEO! streaming service that doubles as a personal radio: It learns what kind of tunes and genres you like and suggests new artists to rock your ride.

P. S. For the ultimate living-room-in-a-car experience, smart also offers a practical, rock-solid dashboard mount for your smartphone.

For more information on the smart connect app, visit the smart website.

Price: free
System: iOS 7.0 or higher / Android 4.2 or higher
Size: 141 MB / 48 MB

All images incl. the header image: Daimler AG