Right in time for the open-air season, smart and JBL present the world’s smallest mobile concert hall: the study smart forgigs. Boasting 18 loudspeakers and 5,720 watts of power, if you like your music loud, this is a car-dream coming true. Let it boom!

Summertime gives music the chance to live outdoors. Songs drift down from the open windows of apartments, while melodies dance in parks courtesy of countless portable speakers.

And now smart has got in on the act with a special edition that takes the relationship between cars, music and the city to its extreme. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the smart forgigs concept car.

18 speakers, maximum power of 5,720 watts

A collaboration between smart and audio specialists JBL, the smart forgigs boast 18 loudspeakers, with enough power – 5,720 watts – to turn any outside space into a concert venue.

The data sheet is impressive: a total of five amplifiers provide sound pressure of up to 150dB: three JBL GTO-804EZ amps serve the tweeters and mid-range speakers while two JBL GTO-751EZ amps power the subwoofers. And it’s all crammed into a car that’s just 2.69m long and 1.66m wide.

Music can be fed in either from a live band, a DJ or streamed from smartphones or tablet via Bluetooth – all of which will be useful when the forgigs embarks on its European tour this summer. The dates will be announced on smart magazine in the upcoming weeks.

The JBL sound experience for all new generation smart

For the show car, JBL has used 100 metres of cable and 10 square metres of insulating material. And while the forgigs is a one-off, every new generation smart car can be equipped with a JBL sound system of its own, meaning that quality audio goes wherever you go. All you have to do is choose the music.

All the photos, incl. the header image: Daimler AG