This show car laughs at tradition. In the past, fashion designers were only allowed minimal modifications in their collaborations with car manufacturers–novel paint jobs and their choice of interior fabrics. But now, for the first time, Jeremy Scott has given his daring touch to the car’s entire body.

He re-envisioned the smart fortwo with subtle nudges and characteristically eye-catching gestures. Its rear is now adorned with transparent fiberglass wings. The wings, a trademark theme of the Kansas-born designer’s aesthetic, express freedom and a certain sense of lightness. Here, they also fancifully incorporate taillights; transparent, spring-like, winged-shaped elements that light up red. The tridion cell is fully chrome-plated, glistening in beautiful contrast with the car’s white body; “eyebrows” mounted above the headlights convey both untamed curiosity and joy–imbuing it with the fun elegance of Scott’s designs.

This collaboration reveals, yet again, why Karl Lagerfeld has crowned Jeremy Scott as the best successor for his post at Chanel. His style is eccentric and playful, defining the “Vive l’avant-garde” approach. Not taking things too seriously is what has made him successful, and he is one of the last rebels of the 1990’s Anti-Fashion movement.

Like Scott’s ethos, smart forjeremy emphasizes aspects of e-mobility that are too often forgotten: the joy of driving, a passion for life and carefree fun!

The show car will tour fashion weeks worldwide before its limited edition launch in 2013.

Watch the video and feel the electricity between smart and Jeremy Scott.