Cruising through the Magic City with the new smart fortwo cabrio and blogger Patricia Wise of Miami Nice. The first instalment of our trilogy of Miami films highlights the city’s sizzling blend of tropical sun, the Florida way of life and a truly international urban culture.

A skyline of skyscrapers, reflected in the nocturnal bay; white yachts anchoring near even whiter villas. At South Beach, bikini-clad beauties meet bodybuilders. And the neon lights of the Art Deco district flash in time to Miami Bass beats.

If you’re looking for clichés, Miami won’t disappoint. Yet the really interesting stuff awaits beyond the usual preconceptions and expectations. Where tradition and subculture rub shoulders; where cultures mix and add a dash of spice to superficial impressions, Miami lives up to its title as the “capital of Latin America.”

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Video features artwork by Kashink

Miami Nice in the new smart fortwo cabrio

Our day in the new smart fortwo cabrio with blogger Patricia Wise of Miami Nice started out on the right track. One of the reasons: our savvy local guide who scents out new hotspots and secrets every day.

The second: a car that gives easy access to the city while offering the greatest openness of its class. And the smart fortwo cabrio fabric softtop only takes twelve seconds to open and close – at any speed. Who would ever want to stop?

Eduardo Kobra at the Wynwood Walls

Well, we did stop anyway. At Wynwood with its painted warehouses – the world’s largest open air gallery. Around the time of Art Basel Miami Beach, the globe’s best street artists congregate here to share their skills. Among them: Eduardo Kobra from Brazil, who invited us to watch him finish his already famous “Yoda says Stop Wars” mural.

We also stopped at several urban projects that promise to make a city greener that is already blessed with a wealth of water, parks, and beaches. Projects like the Pérez Art Museum with its hanging gardens in the Downtown area – or the bright blend of Critical Mass cyclists once a month who prove with ease that you don’t need an engine to navigate U.S. cities.

smart fortwo cabrio Miami Eduardo Kobra street art yoda
“Yoda says Stop Wars” by the Brazilan street artist Eduardo Kobra
Art: Eduardo Kobra
smart fortwo cabrio Miami Eduardo Kobra painting
smart fortwo cabrio Miami Eduardo Kobra mixing colors
Art: Shepard Fairey
smart fortwo cabrio Miami Eduardo Kobra parking striped wall

Sweat Records – Iggy Pop’s favorite record shop

Sweat Records is the perfect icon of Miami’s cool music mix. Iggy Pop’s favorite record store counts among the States’ best vinyl outlets. The store in Little Haiti doubles as an espresso bar, venue, and meeting space. And although we couldn’t find any Gloria Estefan records, owner Lolo Reskin is on excellent terms with all her Latin neighbors.

Instead, we came across an original pressing of the Miami Vice soundtrack. Inspired by the sounds of “In the Air Tonight” – the smart fortwo cabrio easily allows you to stream sounds from your smartphone to the smart Media-System – we cruised down one of the world’s most beautiful highway bridges, the Venetian Causeway, and all the way down to Miami Beach.

Once again, it is night and the seminal skyline lies behind us, clear sky above, a warm breeze on our skin. Even if we get to the point where beaming ourselves from A to B is easy as pie – it is these moments that make us want to always keep a hand on the wheel and a foot on the pedals.

>> More from Miami soon at smart magazine with films on Eduardo Kobra’s street art, Sweat Records, and urban planning of a modern Miami.

smart fortwo cabrio Miami Sweat Records outside
Iggy Pop’s favorite record shop: Sweat Records counts among the States’ best vinyl outlets.
smart fortwo cabrio Miami inside Sweat Records

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Production and creative direction: Jan Wilms & broken bloke Production
Direction, camera, editing and photos: broken bloke Production
Soundtrack: Marten Rux