Nimble reinforcements for New York City’s police force: The department has ordered 250 smart fortwo cars to help the US metropolis’ law enforcers keep the peace in a flexible, timely, and mobile way. The first 100 models have already been shipped.

The NYPD waves good-bye to its fleet of three-wheel patrol motorbikes or trikes, which had been a familiar sight on New York City’s streets for decades. Their replacement: 250 specially equipped and remodeled 250 smart cars destined to supplement the force’s 9,000-vehicle fleet. The first shipment of 100 cars is already on the way.

Part of the NYPD fleet: a smart fortwo and a police trike.
The NYPD recently added the new smart fortwo to its fleet.

Benefits for beat cops

The bespoke models not only come in a special blue-white finish, but also equipped with patrol-specific extras like flashing blue light and a police radio. And there are further advantages awaiting the future users – NYPD cops – of these new, nimble vehicles; vehicles that have already proven their worth as full-fledged urban patrol cars in countries like Germany, Canada, Italy, or the UK over the past few years.

Now, former trike cops can team up for patrols like their colleagues assigned to larger vehicles while keeping a cool head during blisteringly hot New York summers thanks to inbuilt air conditioning. Not to forget: The smart fortwo is also safer, faster, and more economical than the modified trike it replaces.

Blue-and-white crowd pleaser

Deputy Commissioner Robert S. Martinez was one of the first to put the smart fortwo through its paces as part of his regular police duties. “The smart is spacious and agile and makes my job much easier,” are his initial impressions. Yet beyond practical, hands-on values, he also appreciates less tangible benefits. “It’s so accessible. Some people want to take pictures of the car; some even want to hug and kiss it. That’s really great.”

So, the likeable, friendly smart design might even help to improve the NYPD’s image. And this, in turn, could translate into tangible benefits for those keeping the peace on New York City’s streets – after all, there are easier jobs than going on patrol in a major metropolis. The New York Times even called the latest addition to the force an „effective icebreaker“ for initiating contact with the city’s diverse population.

The NYPD officers drive smart fortwo.
In touch with the people: the NYPD with the smart fortwo.