With its innovative pacTris app, smart has launched a clever loading assistant that makes stowing your shopping and packages in the trunk of your smart child’s play.

We all know the feeling (and challenge): After an extended shopping haul or minor moving extravaganza, it can be tough to squeeze all the accumulated treasures into the back of your car. What follows is a game of involuntary improv Tetris, constantly rearranging objects or bags, pushing and shoving … and still, the trunk lid simply won’t shut.

smart has decided to lend its drivers a helping hand with a new app, pacTris. The digital helper is powered by a complex algorithm that keeps a tally throughout the entire shopping trip, constantly updating users on whether – and how – their purchases or possessions will later fit into the trunk of their smart.

Packing your smart: easy as 1, 2, 3!
Image: Daimler AG

Scan as you go

The app couldn’t be easier to use: While out shopping – in a furniture store, supermarket, or elsewhere – the user simply scans the barcodes of all items or manually enters the size of a package. The app not only keeps a running update of whether everything will fit, but offers helpful hints on the optimum loading sequence.

As a welcome alternative, users can also make the most of a growing database of everyday objects to figure out, for example, how many beverage crates, moving boxes, or tools their smart fortwo or smart forfour will hold. Early bird users already love the handy app. “I tried it with beer crates. Works like a charm,” states user Elke.

smart offers a growing range of urban mobility services

pacTris thus joins the ranks of the smart “ready to drop“ logistics service, which turns your vehicle into a convenient drop-off point for online purchases. Once they sign up for the service, users no longer need to trek to the post office or hassle their neighbors when they’re not around to accept a delivery.

The pacTris idea was initially born out of the Daimler “DigitalLife Day” employee idea competition, then developed in-house together with the smart lab, a think tank for the realization of creative processes. It was finally introduced in 2016 by the pacTris team and Daimler chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche.

Now, the digital loading assistant not only saves people time and nerves, but also serves as yet another example of a vibrant start-up spirit that inspires the creation of very much up-to-date and incredibly handy services – even within a large corporation.

Sounds like your kind of app? pacTris is avalaible for iOS and Android.

Price: free
System: iOS 8.0 or higher / Android 5.0 or higher
Size: 170 MB