Feel like renting a smart – for a few days, weeks, or even months? No problem: The new service smart “ready to rent” makes it easier than ever to rent a smart. Take your pick from the entire model range, including – starting this summer – the new smart electric drive.

What if you need more than a quick A-to-B solution, like car2go, but don’t want the long-term commitment of leasing?

smart in the streets of Paris
Mobility in the city has never been this simple.

Anyone living in France or Germany can now test a new approach to car rentals – a unique smart service. smart “ready to rent” makes renting a smart fortwo, smart forfour, smart fortwo cabrio, or smart electric drive easy and spontaneous: Just pick the model that best suits your needs.

This latest addition to the “ready to“ service spectrum by smart combines the advantages of carsharing and leasing and makes car rentals more flexible than ever.

A trip to Hamburg to see the new Elbphilharmonie?
Yellow smart fortwo cabrio
A cup of coffee with friends?

Book online or at the dealership

smart “ready to rent” is a service for anyone who would like a car for a spontaneous weekend break, a quick shopping trip, a longer-term rental, or even just an extended test drive.

Simply state the period when you need the car on the online booking platform or directly at the dealership – and then take your pick from a list of available vehicles offered by different smart dealers. Rentals can range from a single day to three months – just head to the smart dealership for pick-up and drop-off.

smart at a river in France
Explore the most beautiful urban spots in a smart.

smart electric drive joins rental range mid-2017

“We care about attractively equipped rental cars,” explains Daniela Snyders, responsible for designing the new service range offered by smart. “For example, you can also rent and try out BRABUS models, convertibles, and – from mid-2017 – our entire electric fleet. Especially regarding our electric vehicles, I see great potential here. A lot of people aren’t sure whether driving electric fits their everyday lives. How smooth is the charging process? Is the range sufficient? With smart “ready to rent“, you can now find answers to these questions without having to commit long-term.

As a unique feature, customers can expect to get the exact model they requested – and not just a vehicle from the same category, like they would with traditional car rental companies. What’s more, customers are automatically insured against potential incidents: smart “ready to rent” prices include car and liability insurance as well as comprehensive cover.

Woman is drinking coffee while the smart electric drive battery is charging
Enjoy a cup of coffee while the battery is charging.

Third service after smart ready to park+ and smart ready to drop

In Germany, the service has launched in Münster, Osnabrück, Essen, Bochum, and Recklinghausen, while also being available with select providers in France. Your own city is not on the list? Sit tight: smart is planning to add more and more cities to the smart “ready to rent” list.

smart “ready to rent” is the third offering to join the new smart service spectrum designed to simplify life in the city. In June 2016, the range debuted with its service smart “ready to park+” for reserving cheaper parking spaces for smart models. This was joined in September 2016 by smart “ready to drop”: a flexible package shipping service that lets you receive online orders directly in the trunk of your smart.

cruising with smart ready to rent
Unlimited freedom with the new smart services.