Two new connected services cooked up by the smart lab make navigating the city more fun and relaxed – even when you lose sight of your smart.

The smart lab continues to electrify your driving experience: More and more new services by the smart innovations lab make the most of the tried-and-tested connectivity box already well-known to car2go car sharing customers. After smart “ready to share”, smart “ready to drop” and smart “ready to park”, the new smart “ready to spot” and smart “theft recovery” additions should soothe the smart community’s collective soul like a week at the beach. 

Because thanks to these new services, easily accessible via the smart “ready to” app (from autumn 2018 also via smart EQ control app), your car’s current location is always just a quick swipe away. This can be really useful, especially when you’re navigating a new city – and somehow have trouble finding your parked car.

Woman standing in front of a smart, using the "ready-to" app
If requested by the driver, smart “ready to spot” saves the car’s current GPS location.

Always in view

So, how does this work? Once you have parked your car, smart “ready to spot” saves the car’s current GPS location – but only if the driver has deliberately activated the locator function. This not only lets you find your vehicle via smartphone: The app will even show you the best way to get there. If it’s more than walking distance, the integrated moovel service automatically suggests the fastest and most convenient route – whether that’s car2go, mytaxi, bus or metro.

Three smartphones with examples of the app
The app will locate the vehicle and navigate the user to its current location quickly and easily.


Woman standing in front of a parking lot, using the "ready-to" app
The app will also jump to your aid should you ever forget where you parked your car …

What’s more, smart “ready to spot” also features a handy reminder function to alert drivers when their parking meter is about to expire. At night, the smart signals its approaching owner by “flashing” its lights and you can also share the car’s location with others to use it as a meeting point. Clever and well-considered, the practical package proves how even small details can be a big help.

… and send you alerts when your parking meter is about to expire.

A cool head at your side

Unlike smart “ready to spot”, we hope you won’t really need smart “theft recovery”. But when the worst does happen, it can play a crucial role in turning a nightmare into a manageable incident. For added peace of mind when you’re going on holiday, for example, you can put up a virtual fence around your car using so-called geofencing, which also locates the car. The moment your smart leaves its predefined radius, you are notified immediately, allowing you to initiate countermeasures to get the car back.

Four smartphones with different examples of the app
Through geofencing, you can put up a virtual fence around your smart.
Man using with smartphone, using the "ready-to" app, parked smart
The moment the vehicle leaves its predefined radius, the user is notified immediately.

For those faced with the ultimate nightmare – returning to your parking spot and finding that your vehicle is gone and possibly stolen – there’s also a manual option. Once activated, the app guides the owner through a list of all the necessary steps. In such a stressful emergency, it serves as a welcome aid, providing helpful support and a cool head. You can also use the app to alert the police: All essential documents, that are required for the theft report will be displayed. A second call to the smart customer service then activates live tracking, transmitting the stolen vehicle’s position to the police in real time, helping them find and return it to its rightful owner.

Parked smart in front of a painted wall, woman using the "ready-to" app
The smart “ready to“ services simplify life in the city.

Expect more smart connected services to join the line-up soon, all designed to improve life in the city. It is our aim to simplify life for urbanites around the world with the ‘ready to’ services”, Jakob Luickhardt, Chief Portfolio Officer of the smart lab, explains. “That’s our overreaching vision.”

Making smart the perfect blend of hard- and software – the best of both worlds.

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