Snorelax is a foresighted alarm clock app. When traffic is bad – or on rainy days – the digital alarm clock wakes you that little bit earlier to give you more time to reach your destination in time. Named after ever-sleepy pokémon Snorlax, the app promises a rush-free start to the day – without hectic hurrying or unexpected surprises.                                                                               

Sure, it’s our own fault when our fingers seek out that sneaky snooze button to give ourselves a few extra minutes of blissful slumber. After one or two rounds – we’re suddenly running late, turning our usual morning routine into a mad dash to work.

Then there’s all those extraneous circumstances that can make us late, like sudden downpours for cyclists or treacle-like stop-and-go traffic flow for anyone taking their car. These things just happen, right? And there’s no way to predict them – or is there?

Snorelax Display Ansicht
Snorelax gives you individualised alarm options.

Through the morning with real-time data

This is where the new Snorelax app comes in. Its main mission: to overhaul your morning routine. Depending on weather or traffic conditions, the app wakes you early – even before your own set alarm, if required.

Less than two euros promise to ensure that you’re never late again. To this end, the app collects real-time data on traffic and public transport, updating you on the fastest route and type of transport under the new conditions.

The app even adjusts your travel plans on the fly, depending on how long it takes you to get ready, making Snorelax the first app to consider all time-related factors – even things like brushing your teeth or choosing the perfect outfit.

Simply enter such information into the app: State your daily route, when you’d like to rise (incl. snooze sessions), and how much time you need for taking a shower, having breakfast, and any other tasks. After all, larks and nightowls can differ wildly in their routines.

The app promises to wake you on time to avoid traffic jams or to let you take public transport when inclement weather suggests leaving the bike at home, creating the perfect conditions for a good, restful night’s sleep, whatever the next day might bring.

For more information on Snorelax visit the Snorelax website or follow them on Twitter.

Price: 1,99 Euro
System: iOS 7.0 or higher
Size: 851 MB