My day starts with the sound of a jackhammer on the building site opposite my flat. That’s not anything special, though, as it sometimes feels like Berlin is one giant building site. Walking down the stairs I notice the creaking of the old staircase, and the bell of the tram going down the street. Those are also pretty familiar sounds in Berlin.

As I head towards the Turkish market by the canal on Maybachufer, two ambulances rush by with their sirens blaring. At the market, merchants are shouting out prices, and a young busker is trying to earn some money. I go to a club in the evening and am surrounded by music of a different kind. The booming bass coming out of clubs and bars is as much a part of Berlin as our currywurst is, or the red and green Ampelmann crosswalk signs. Anyway, when I think of Berlin and my everyday life here, those are the sounds that are the most familiar to me.