This is one of the great intersections of the city, where several subway lines converge underground, and crowds of people bustle above. My recording caught the sound of Hare Krishnas and their bells, although it’s more usual to hear skateboarders here. But they turn up later.

I then stop at the ATM. Did you know that the sound of your money being counted is fake? But thankfully the cash is real and can be found in the banks that seem to be on every block in Manhattan.

Although the city landscape has changed, heading downtown in a cab is still a classic experience. Bikes whizz past, skateboarders zip along, and we’re now in one my favourite streets in Soho, where I stop to give directions. I know I’m not the only local whose pride overcomes the usual NYC urgency when I have the chance to help someone discover a new part of the city I love. And that love also goes for the people who live here – they’re the icing on the cake.