To motivate ourselves to carry through with this, it would be interesting to take part in the ongoing experiment about how and what specific music can help your plants grow. Maybe a new kind of music will be discovered and developed that directly links to the growth of urban gardens.

Peaches asks: What sounds will you create or play to help your urban farm grow?
Katherine Squier answers: I would use the sound of the human voice. As a photographer I am particularly attuned to my environment and my personal relationship to it. Much of urban environments are full of impersonal, man-made noises and as cities grow, our relationship with the environment lessens, and consequently, our relationship with our food.

Past experiments have looked at the effect of different kinds of music, yet what if the most powerful sound is in the natural patterns of our own voice? Not just singing, but rather, the range of sounds made throughout our days. In other words, the sound of life. Life creates life.

Whether I’m on the phone, singing to myself or laughing with a friend, I would do it alongside my urban farm. Following this theory, I think more people would feel motivated to grow their own urban farms, curious to see if it’s the life within them that holds the key and can nurture the full potential of the plants. A heightened sense of conscientiousness towards the environment and our food would follow.