To motivate ourselves to carry through with this, it would be interesting to take part in the ongoing experiment about how and what specific music can help your plants grow. Maybe a new kind of music will be discovered and developed that directly links to the growth of urban gardens.

Peaches asks: What sounds will you create or play to help your urban farm grow?
Daniel Shea answers: Working on a farm is a very physical thing. One touches the soil and organic materials that are ultimately consumed. Sound is understood as a phenomenon heard, and photographs, equally complex, are images seen.

These images prompt an understanding on how these faculties, sight, sound, and touch can be connected. Chicago teenagers who specialize in hip hop dance were recruited to perform in front of the camera, using City Farm, a large, sustainable vegetable farm downtown, as their stage.

The images attempt to connect the physicality and creative expression of dancing to music (sounds) to the labor of farming. Both dancing and urban farming exist as new and sometimes subversive forces on the frontier for urban reimagining.

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Dancers: Ambria Mahomes and Mikita Griffin. Assistants: Brian Almalvez and  J.P. Quindara