Last Tuesday, Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles saw a new icon being introduced to an excited crowd. Many had come at the invitation of smart and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. They came dressed up in electrifying outfits to see the outcome of this thrilling collaboration: Girls in floor-length, knitted, pastel dresses with high hair, girls in grey sweater dresses tagged with music acts from past decades and complimented by smooth grey hair, and girls in body hugging dresses printed with neon light advertising. Kira from Vienna arrived in a sparkly, embellished mini skirt, an electric blue fur vest and sporting a ponytail held by a bone she found in a thrift store – smartly referring to Scott’s 2010 collection inspired by the Flintstones.

But the men didn’t fall short. One saw Mark Hunter from “The Cobrasnake” arriving in a sweater ensemble printed with a bright skeleton and glittery, platform sandals, Pelayo Diaz from “Kate Loves Me” in a chic navy onepiece with heavy zips, and young L.A. boys in bright neon, feather boas and black, Chinese hats.

This eccentric crowd instantly started dancing when M.I.A. started the show, coming on stage to perform some of her greatest hits. We were obviously torn between cheering, dancing and taking pictures to immediately present them on various social media outlets, which buzzed under the hashtag, #smartforjeremy.

To the beats of Bad Girls, the long-awaited smart designed by Jeremy Scott slowly appeared onstage, and from that moment on it was the most photographed attendee of the night. After a short and cheerful introduction from the designer himself and smart CEO Annette Winkler, the audience almost stormed the stage to take a closer look at the winged smart. Its shiny white exterior, luxurious white interior with quilted leather seats, and bright chrome details certainly made for a beautiful composition. Getting a photo in front of or sitting inside the car was obviously the thing to do. Fans and friends, amongst them rapper ASAP Rocky and blogger Perez Hilton, lined up to get the chance to congratulate Jeremy Scott, who was thrilled so many had come to celebrate the smart forjeremy.

After the introduction, The Misshapes presented funky pop tunes, and a delicious dinner started a long night of celebration at the center of American car culture.