It’s rare that I accept an invitation on a school (ahem work) night, but this one was different. Half cryptic, half intriguing. Just a brief mention of smart and catching a designer’s name I recognized, my interest was piqued. It may be a little known fact that aside from my two big loves of fashion and skateboarding there lays a deep affinity for cars.

Many a weekend were spent under the hood tinkering with my dad, so I grew up with a fondness for things that go vroom. Now in my older years, an appreciation for design (classic and oddball alike) has taken over, and I can’t help but gawk when I encounter a shiny new model on the road. That moment when you spot the covered prototypes on flatbeds or sometimes even in action on the road, there’s nothing like that split second of feeling like you’re privy to some important secret.

So the excitement of being a part of the lucky few to see the smart Jeremy Scott car first was enticing, to say the least. My initial reaction to the collaboration was that it was distinctly Jeremy Scott with those swooping wings. It’s really a simple equation you see — a bit of the ol’ winged flare, plus a dash of Pokemon cartooney cuteness, all wrapped up in a smart car, and there you have #smartforjeremy.

I thought to myself, if I were to be asked to design a smart car, how would it look? The people who know me well are most likely astutely aware of my love for all things Mr. T, so I’m not going to lie and say I never dreamt of buying a smart car and turning it into the A-Team van. But there’s no fun in doing something that’s already been done.

So what would be my next choice? KITT! A Knight Rider smart car replica, complete with Anamorphic Equalizer. Sure, it wouldn’t be a real fibre optic scanner, but what would KITT be without the pulsing red light? A girl can dream.