Joined by a clear love of design and high-quality production, today’s team comprises all of those who have joined the venture since January 2012. The resulting juxtaposition of styles and characters splices the colorful spectrum of a shop with the sheer dedication of a design studio. A perfect balance of shared creative bliss for team and visitors alike, the veritable 300 m2 wonderland is open anyone looking for inspiration, fresh beauty, and tangible, alternative art.

“Come here and dance!”, photo: lamono magazine

The store part sports an exclusive selection of products made in Barcelona as well as featured highlights by carefully chosen young international designers with a focus on accessible design. Also on display: a permanent showcase of Studiostore’s very favorite brands, Sheriff&Cherry and Woouf!, plus occasional collaborations with these designers. Spread across two floors, the half-studio/half-shop experiment has found its home in the Born district of Barcelona, in a traditional building spruced up by Studiostore with a range of original, artsy, humorous, and colorful details like fluorescent yellow columns or fuchsia banisters. Perfect for conferences and events, the space has already hosted pop-up stores and many other design-related activities.

On the studio side, this key Barcelona design hotspots takes pride in being “a creative think tank” with a firm focus on art direction and interior design projects as well as retail and franchising, visual merchandising, lighting, custom products, and furniture design. Generally speaking, the team has made it its mission to discover innovative, unique, and out-of-the-box solutions for brands.

Its current exhibition and featured collection, Los Tabus, comprises a series of creatively painted stools that turn regular, ordinary seats into fun and decorative elements. Table sets, multi-use textiles, handmade ceramics, full chain necklaces, zoo lamps, and a cardboard bull are all available for purchase, yet transcend their nature as objects to become true works of art. Art that even kids can enjoy thanks to a swing set among all the Studiostore wonders. Aural pleasures come courtesy of a downstairs DJ who encourages guests to move to the music between the wall and a projected light. The result? A subterranean wonderland dancing with your own shadows. Sometimes, things are a lot more than the sum of their parts – or shop and design – as the Studiostore proves to delightful effect.

Text: Bea Salas (lamono magazine)
Pictures: Maud Sophie Andrieux (lamono magazine)

Header image: Studiostore