Graham Hill asks: What is L.A. going to do with suburbia?

Augustine Kofie answers: We are the many varied people that inhabit the many varied landscapes of this world. We are many. Together we create a system. We function as one. We live as many. To see ourselves as we are we must look closely, and then from afar.

The human landscape is made of human errors and while we attempt to improve ourselves we must see where our faults lie. We do not deserve a piece of land to call our own. Happiness is not in the deed of a home. Happiness is to each their own. Together we live separately and create a web of human survival. Physically and spiritually. Urban, suburban, rural… They work together. Separately.

Each as important as we all are. Individually they become one unit breathing the same air, looking at the same sky. As important as density is to saving resources so is the space to grow the food we eat. Suburbia alone should not be about affordability but accessibility. Do we have access to what we need?