The Amazings is an online platform for retired and retiring people to pass on their knowledge, skills and experiences. Each proposed ‘Amazing’ must be over 50 years old and propose a topic they would like to speak about. Votes then determine which of the suggested topics will be turned into actual workshops, tours, talks or courses.

What makes The Amazings so unique is the project’s novel solution to apparent challenges brought on by an aging population. The remedy they suggest is not sanitized entertainment for the 50+ generation, but rather a program that has tangible benefit to society as a whole. Those with experience, but also with age, provide for the younger generations. In turn, the Amazings escape any feeling of superfluousness and can experience their societal value quite immediately.

The Amazings explores a wide variety of topics, and students can broaden their horizons by learning how to take care of an entire forest, bake traditional cakes, knit or do their taxes.

The Amazings Co-Founder Adil Abrar says: “There’s nothing better than learning from someone who has a lifetime of experience, sharing shortcuts that you won’t find in most books or websites, and dropping in some stories that make the learning really special.”

Currently, The Amazings offers 120 workshops in London and is planning to expand nationwide in 2013 and then hopefully worldwide very soon.

To become an Amazing, join their classes or learn more about the project, visit The Amazings online.