Just ask budding British designer Bethan Laura Wood, whose colorful sculptural musings on London’s East End and Mexico City, “Zigzag: Crisscross”, were on show on the top floor of The Aram Gallery on Drury Lane near Covent Garden in WC2 during LDF 2013.

"Zigzag: Crisscross", exhibition by Bethan Laura Wood
“Zigzag: Crisscross”, exhibition by Bethan Laura Wood

And Wood’s work was more than worthy of the sizeable, wood-floored space it was afforded. Taking inspiration from urban environments and influenced by her own travels, this special showcase found her experimenting with materials — Cachetada-esque, lollipop-shaped sugars amongst them — to create sparkling, funky and functional works that reflect the vibrancy of the bustling British and Mexican capitals.

Honing in on the unheralded architectural aspects of London’s East End — scaffolding, awnings and exterior fire exits — Wood created interpretations of miniature buildings, high-rises and landscapes designed to contain and display objects in the home. Mexico City’s Aztec-meets-Art-Deco styled buildings, meanwhile, were represented as colorful camouflage towers that played with transparency and light.

Drawing gazes in particular were the pipe-shaped extrusions of ‘floating flowers’, constructed from smoked Pyrex, kiln glass, crown-mirrored bulbs and brass.

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