The smart forjeremy is based on the current production version of the smart fortwo electric drive and represents exciting, stylish and fun driving — minus emissions!

Inspired by the 1950s Hot Rod movement and his wish to express freedom and lightness, Jeremy Scott added fiberglass wings to the rear of the vehicle. They feature transparent, rocket-shaped, spring-like elements that illuminate in red, serving as rear and brake lights. The tridion cell is fully chrome-plated and glistens like a jewel against the white body, while little mounted “eyebrows” above the headlamps convey beaming curiosity and joy.

The dashboard, doors and both single seats are covered with white Napa leather. The main supports of the door paneling are plated completely in bright chromium. This quicksilver material also coats the seat belt buckles and the side air inlets, in addition to the plated elements already standard on the smart fortwo drive: door handles, the side boomerangs of the instrument panel and the characteristic rings around the dashboard instruments.

The design process was challenging and fun for both Jeremy and the designers at the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Studios in Californian Carlsbad. A collision of differing expertise and fields, supported by shared values and goals produced a wholly original vision. In this fusion of fashion and e-mobility, passion tangoed with logic and sparked innovation. The result is unparalleled; it speaks for itself. The whole world can see that this is more than true love — it is an electrifying love story.