Are the solutions of the past still viable today, especially in face of technological advances of post-modern societies such as the internet? I’m interested in how urban environments, architectural and transportation concepts can be made more responsive to the needs of its current inhabitants. How cities can become more useful, sustainable and flexible. But: Growth and prosperity are limited more than ever. Cities will have to adjust to this. How will this affect the city’s surfaces in the future? Start to imagine!

Mario Lombardo asks: What should the surface of a city look like?
Carol Hummel answers: It’s time to take back our cities, to throw back the cloak of gray and expose the colorful, the creative, the thoughtful, the fun. Our cities overflow with hidden potential just waiting for the populace to explore, manipulate and shape into vibrant urban environments.

Artwork is the ideal tool to use in reclaiming and reshaping our cities. I primarily use yarn in my artistic interventions. My aim is to involve, engage, surprise and amaze the urban audience through active participation. My art provides the stage upon which interaction with the viewer becomes the main event.

Our streets are our canvases, our creativity our brushes. Using color, imagination and joy, communities can reclaim ownership of their public spaces from corporate and civic control. It’s time to playfully restructure the commonplace through artwork – the peoples’ artwork – in our streets, our neighborhoods, our cities and our lives!