Berlin is a hub for young artists, and quite a few of them are currently moving to–or at least working in–Wedding. Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach is among them. But the young woman wasn’t satisfied to simply exist there. She wanted to gain a particularly deep understanding of her environment. So, she spent weeks chatting to the neighborhood people, collecting memories, thoughts, histories and moments from their lives. She condensed all of the information into short texts, focusing on distinct emotional aspects. And by combining the texts with abstract pieces of the Wedding map Ruchlewicz-Dzianachv gives the experiences location within the neighborhood.

Cleverly, she presented her work in a mode well known to the public: tear-off flyers pinned to walls or light posts. Passersby can tear pieces off, engaging them with the installation and giving them a peculiar personal experience.

The artwork created an archive of subjective, intimate and private memories. It inspired neighbors to stop, reflect and engage with others about their own experiences with, perceptions and impressions of their surroundings. Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach’s installation managed to create new lines of communication within the district and increase people’s understanding of their own neighborhood.

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