Seriously, how does he do it? Continuously being considered a member of the wild avant-garde, the hot new shit — so to speak — is quite an accomplishment for a designer who’s been around for well over 10 successful years now. Jeremy Scott knows how to wrap his strive for perfection in a blanket of bold spontaneity. Besides catering to every fashion need of artists such as Björk, Beth Ditto and Grimes, he has even managed to become the favorite designer of world’s most famous hand puppet: Miss Piggy. Everything Jeremy Scott touches seems to turn into gold. Most recent proof for this never-failing principle: last week’s launch of the “smart forjeremy” —an electric vehicle that hardly deserves the plain label “car”.

No wonder, “The Jetsons” was one of his favorite TV shows. And as Jeremy told me in an interview the day after the presentation, first shaped his idea of the “Space Age” when he was a kid. With its comic-rocket-like wings and quirky, little design details on the exterior and interior of the car, you clearly feel the retro-futuristic vibe.

But designing an outstanding car is only one part of Jeremy Scott’s straight path to another instant success. It’s the perfect party that makes the perfect car the perfect milestone in the quest for eternal fashion fame. My quick event analysis unravels the secret of how this extraordinary launch bonanza was created. It only takes six very simple ingredients:

1) insanely huge stage with magically spinning car from the future
2) the coolest (too kool for skool) performer ever, a.k.a. M.I.A.
3) the best fashion party DJs on the planet, a.k.a. The Misshapes
4) never-ending flow of yummy cocktails and flying buffet
5) celebrity guests such as Perez Hilton, Frank Ocean, Liberty Ross, A$AP Rocky, blogger king The Cobra Snake
6) best-dressed party crowd, who look like they came straight out of a Tim Walker movie