Red Love – a song by Ideal, 1980.

Red lips should be kissed,
A vulkan turns you on,
Sex and money, sex and money,
Own, Own, Own, Own, Own.

Visionary images of humans exploring space, taming the atom, looking down on the blue planet have been guiding the development of society and technique in the 20th century. Progress was expressed in records: faster, higher, further, more of everything.

The 21st century in contrast aims to be an age of change. The point of central interest is not ‘more’ but ‘different’. Technical and social innovations have to go hand in hand, in order to usher the way to a sustainable economic system. But I guess without visionary images directing us the way, the change can not happen. Therefore my question:

Alexander Mankowsky asks: The world is changing. Are there visionary images that express or define this age of change?

Claudine Hellmuth answers:
After reading Mr. Mankowsky’s question I immediately thought about how our world is changing. We are becoming a society that is much more aware of our effect on the earth and the need to incorporate living sustainably into our daily lives.

His thought provoking mention of resources, mobility and quality of life all lead back to living in an environmentally friendly way. Without changing our habits we will no longer have resources, mobility and quality of life. Because of this realization, the new aesthetic for the future is living in a sustainable way.


The game highlights iconography that relate to the three parts of Mr. Mankowsky’s question:

1) resources – nature, sustainable energy

2) quality of life – clean air for cities and protecting wildlife and

3) mobility which i chose to highlight green ways of mobility, the smart car and bike riding.

I wanted to play up the interactivity of answering this question a game that everyone could play seemed like just the right solution!

You can download the full game as PDF here!