We got this idea from Italian street artist 0707 who, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, tagged some of the best kissing spot around the globe. Since its launch in 2012 in Rome, this project and movement has made it its mission to share positive energy with everyone and anyone via a simple message: rekindle your kissing! Just like traditional mistletoe markers, activists affix sticky notes to bridges, balconies, or crumbling façades to transform these into the backdrop and setting of a romantic movie – one that is playing in your imagination. But there is more to this street art project than gooey romanticism or passionate gestures: Encouraging lovebirds to share and show their emotions in public is also a wonderful way to make our cities more loveable – and livable – for everybody.

Sure, some recalcitrant and grumpy souls might find the notion of happily smooching couples hogging the city truly abhorrent. But at least for one day, their sensibilities take a back seat since this is what Valentine’s Day is all about: showing your true and honest affection in public, unafraid to reveal your feelings. In the end, this has positive repercussions for everyone as there is nothing more beautiful and stimulating than a city filled with loving energy.

So, if you are ready and waiting for Cupid’s arrow, enjoy our pictorial journey of the world’s top ten kissing spots, as captured by 0707. But don’t blame us if this prompts you to splurge on tickets to visit them all with your special someone!

For regular updates on the world’s top kissing spots, check out 0707’s Facebook page and Instagram channel (0707art). Have a happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget that “a kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous,” according to iconic silver screen seductress Ingrid Bergman.

Text: Frank R. Schröder
All images, incl. the header image: 0707 and volunteers